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Friday March 22 - Dinosaur

By now, you’ve probably been itching to show off some sweet

dinosaur-themed outfits and costumes. This is the night to do it! Got a

cute little stegosaurus pin? We love it! Got a giant wearable inflatable

T-rex? Bring it on over! Got an actual dinosaur that you’ve cloned from

dinosaur DNA found in mosquitoes preserved in amber?? We don’t really

believe you but bring it here and the public can judge!

Saturday March 23 - Dress to Im-PLEX

You can’t leave your bow-ties and evening gowns at home just because

we’re in a time before stone tools! Tonight’s the night to get dressed

up and make some thousand-pound jaws drop!

Sunday March 24 - The PLEX Shirt that Time Forgot

Flex your oldest PLEX T-shirt at this afternoon's dance! Whether this is

your first PLEX or your fifteenth, come dressed in the shirt that

represents your first PLEX-perience! If you don’t have a PLEX shirt yet,

bring your favourite dance or dinosaur-related shirt or get your first

PLEX shirt here.


McKernan Community League

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